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Makes my ying yang fj cruiser stick out

073 (Guest) -

I have an 08 FJ Cruiser black and white the only vehicle built in Japan imported here that red tag Pops that vehicle it's ba

Quality products, delivered fast

Jay (Guest) -

I initially ordered a custom plate and it was delivered in 2 days but had an error. I contacted support and they shipped me a new one that was correct free of charge!!! I Highly reccomend this place for jdm plates!

Fantastic vanity plate!

Hiro T. (Guest) -

Got one that looks like my old plate from when I used to live. Awesome quality and would definitely recommend it as a gift for someone who used to live there, a jdm car guy, or both.

Better than expected

Exaltius -

I ordered this for a front vanity plate and expected some mass produced garbage but I got exactly what a created! Looks even better in person.

Very good

Travis scott (Guest) -


high quality

celsiorjosh (Guest) -

i love them just as much as my real plates.

High quality, well made, faster than expected delivery

Ken Guzzetta (Guest) -

I ordered these during the height of Christmas season, and they were at my door in a week! With that fast a turnaround I wasn't expecting the high quality I received. It is usually Fast, Cheap, or Good - pick two, and in this case I got all three. Thanks for the great plates.


Diego (Guest) -

Really love this plate, excellent material. Really high quality.

Kadena AB

scscalph -

Had a Honda City Turbo II while I was stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan. Had my license plate replicated with the addition of the riding sun in the background. Totally worth the money. Exactly the same as the original I had in the '90's. Awesome!


J Banez (Guest) -

I didn't think that it would be a legit aluminum license plate. I mean damn! its legit! Glad I came across this. I can put this on whileIm at the track or meet.

Measure twice buy once

TCirce -

I have a 2019 Nissan Altima. The tag holes on the bumper are very low. This causes the tag to jut out over the "v-motion" chrome trim and it cannot fit flush against the bumper. I ordered the adapter too but its a no go. It looks great but will never fit.

Great replacement plates

Sunburzt1.8 (Guest) -


Authentic looking and well made. Appreciate the customization.

JSKirwin (Guest) -

Having lived in Japan it was nice to find something that looked authentic and was well-made. This plate is both. I also appreciate the customization options.

Love it!

1999_Civic (Guest) -

Threw on my 1999 Honda Civic LX. Get lots of love and it has been with me for a while now. Recently someone backed up into me and bent it and chipped the paint so I gotta get another but it’s very durable. Still love it! If you’re still skeptical; Check me out on insta: @1999_Civic for picture examples of what mine looks like!


Lucas C. (Guest) -

Quality replica plates, thoroughly impressed with how well mine came out. Very authentic look and the coloring is spot-on. Shipping was fast as well, will definitely be ordering again. Highly recommend!

Awesome!!! Looks fantastic on 01 4runner.

aaronalsip -

So happy with the plate. It really adds that special touch to my 01 4runner. You guys do a great job, Thank You so much, I could not be happier.

Just as I ordered. Looks great and authentic.

Brian (Guest) -

Recommended for anyone who wants a Japanese style plate

Amazing Quality

Bill (Guest) -

The plate was strong aluminum with embossed text just as described. I was blown away by the quality.